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Our People

Unrivaled Talent, Unprecedented Results

When great people pool their talents and share their expertise, they make for great companies. DAVACO’s 1,700 — and growing — North American team members bring versatility, creative problem-solving skills, and detail-oriented proactivity to transforming commercial spaces and enhancing the customer experience. Most importantly, they’re driven by a desire to understand the brands they support. The net result is a rare combination of scale, speed, and uniform quality of work.

Our Core Values

Our Quarterly Superstars

Since 2003, DAVACO has recognized associates that provide satisfaction in their performance and exceed expectations by setting goals and delivering solutions at every customer level. Their commitment to quality, teamwork and professionalism is exemplary to the DAVACO Way!

Jessica Ralat.jpg
Jessica Ralat
Project Coordinator
Brandon Yoshimura
Brandon Yoshimura
Project Manager

Our Leadership

DAVACO adheres to a complementary leadership model, not only because we believe doing so keeps us innovative, agile, and highly productive, but also because it’s the ethical thing to do. Each member of our management team brings a rare depth and breadth of diversified industry experience to building lasting — and mutually beneficial — relationships with our clients, our employees, and each other.

Headshot of Jordan Handel, Executive Vice President of Business Development, DAVACO, Inc.
Jordan Handel
Headshot of Lamar Roberts, Chief Financial Officer, DAVACO, Inc.
Lamar Roberts
Chief Financial Officer
Jason Melvin - DAVACO Chief Operating Officer-1.jpg
Jason Melvin
Chief Operating Officer
Headshot of Paul Hamer, Executive Vice President of Business Development, DAVACO, Inc.
Paul Hamer
Chief Development Officer
Headshot of Don Williams, Senior Vice President of Operations, DAVACO, Inc.
Don Williams
Senior Vice President of Operations
Headshot of Lani Hopkins, Vice President of Strategic Resources, DAVACO, Inc.
Lani Hopkins
Vice President of Strategic Resources
Tequila Grace
Tequila Grace
Director of Human Resources and Payroll
Two workers mounting a flatscreen television on a wall.

Put Our Skills To Work

Our teams are ready to help you complete your next project. Reach out to DAVACO today and learn how we tailor our end-to-end service offerings, and a focus on your brand’s future.

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